40% Off Kind of Blue II Artwork

UrbanCentrX Digital Arts Gallery has released its latest addition of gallery art exhibition. It is entitled: Kind of Blue II Celebrating the meditative rage of blue, more than a color blue is a mood, an emotion and/ or psychedelic metaphor pulling back the layers of melancholy and murderous mayhem. You don’t just see blue it overwhelms the senses sending all who experience it into a feverish frenzy, high from the exchange one is never left the same. Kind of Blue II is the artistic expression of Thurman A. Williams, Digital Artist, Photographer and Curator of UrbanCentrX Digital Art Gallery.
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60 Second Requiem – A Poetic Exploration

A series of shorts that are 60 seconds in length. A poetic exploration through the mind of the Rebel Poet…

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How to Connect to Ones Creative Self(center)

Within us all lies a creative self, a place where all things are possible. We knew this place mostly as a child when we had no understanding of the limitations of this world. Fantasy and probability were one in the same. When  everybody big was bigger than you. A 4 year old learning capitalism learns quick: BIGGER IS BETTER. So as I looked up i wondered what the world would be like to be one of those BIGGER persons. I followed the rules never got caught in any of the traps set to send us folk begging fora savior…yet and still i sit here searching for someone to show me home