The lonely Only One knows


There comes a time in every life when one must go inside to find whatever it is that their destiny holds. You may not always find the ideal answer but you will find truth and whether you are able to deal with this truth or not will determine your walk from this point forward.
Denial is the enemy here. Resist the urge to deny the mirrors reflection. Cognitive dissonance will try and convince you that you are more or less than this moment of truth. Embrace it and move forward from this point, ordering your steps the truth that has revealed itself.
I wrote “the lonely only one knows” at a low point and not to say that it delivered me but it was very therapeutic none the less. It reminded me that all those things that had been hidden from me, even my very soul is knowable if i would only do the soul-work. .

of that which i had cursed…

how do i please thee

so easily blue

so quick to eruption

yet painfully true

her heart bares a silence

that is soulfully new

creatively mischief

how did i become the fool

fought so long to find favor

what i found was a friend

one to laugh at all my anger

not as mockery

but to show the hypocrisy

of that which i had cursed

for in my misery

she would cling to me

while convincing me

of my worth

so i thank her with my verse

and as a poet that is my death

all the flesh and blood that I have left…

I Thank You

Now u

Haiku Haven


Ever Evolving
the creature bound by habit
makes the same mistakes
Haiku4u 🙂


there is travesty
in a system that tells lies
but who are the fools
Haiku4u 🙂

I thirst for knowledge
only quenched by getting more
Drink your fill of it
Haiku4u 🙂


We quiet our minds
Get in touch with energy
Grow wiser with time

Is no match for the strength of

midday interplay
Racing to see who will win
I win once again

Haiku 4u 🙂