College Consciousness Forever

I miss staying up trying to find the truth we kept  inside i miss pretending them saying our worth was in a book of lies that truth never ever chose to despise but i wish in this sea of saying someone would realize that  all the myths that honor gifts to the treacherous and lecherous spies i don’t want your gifts i read all your myths  and your tainted cries yet your tears only shield what forever after meant to reveal my intent is not to show but reveal that as far as we think we go we only go as far as what we believe that is real…

There is an understanding between those who share experiences it can be as deep as those who take blood oaths  or some other social  connecting entity that binds you to infinity, but what it could also be is just some silly crazy reason for your you to become weirdly close enough to my metaphorically I that somehow soulful cosmic you what you pretend to know cosmically know doesn’t mean that the world will be the same when you …

remember or pretend I am not sure when you will be reading this reason to comprehend.

Silence will not save us

Mtrix_pillsThe things we hold sacred have been lost to the matrix; blue pill or red.  We have all been misled.  Silence will not save us, long been sold, long been bred but they now no longer need us – read the book of the dead.  So they wonder while we wait, what will become of our fate in the land of milk and honey what will they do without no money?  How do we watch the world decay and pretend it’s the only way? If you knew the truth of what life meant would you take the blue anyway?


I merely speak poetically

Moms&Pops-4How do things so easily go over your head?  I could see if i were speaking a different language or even in tongues or some sort of Ebonics vernacular not known to everyone.  I merely speak poetically, which translates to the heartbeat rhythm becoming sound and if u never stop to listen, you will never feel the sun nor the moon nor earth nor the life sustaining water that springs forth from your sacred space. Stop imagining all these superficial things and trust that you made it through. Stop giving others credit and know that you are the source of all power as long as you believe it true. Stop letting them control and devour the force hidden deep within you.  Trust that you know secrets that they will never see through but use your powers for good because there is divinity in you beneath this flesh, bone and blood lies a soul ever aching, waiting to be born

of that which i had cursed…

how do i please thee

so easily blue

so quick to eruption

yet painfully true

her heart bares a silence

that is soulfully new

creatively mischief

how did i become the fool

fought so long to find favor

what i found was a friend

one to laugh at all my anger

not as mockery

but to show the hypocrisy

of that which i had cursed

for in my misery

she would cling to me

while convincing me

of my worth

so i thank her with my verse

and as a poet that is my death

all the flesh and blood that I have left…

I Thank You

As we wonder back in time

Remembering the moment when our eyes met, our souls touched we kissed in each others silence for the very first time neither of us knowing that this would be the bliss that we all but missed our first times around. As we wonder back in time broken hour glass sublime trampled tulips spring to mind as our hearts begin to find space to regenerate and combine beating rhythmically through time…if only i would have said hello

truth that shows itself only to call me a liar

except for that  incessant hum i imagine death to be this. Not that empty silence of nothingness but  a constant dreamily reminder of what could have been had you  made different decisions. Wading through cesspools of pretended smiles, back staving  beast and the occasional pleasantry of truth that shows itself only to call me a liar. i the chameleon, who has run out of colors to mask my contempt can no longer pretend that horrible shit isn’t happening, just because it isn’t happening to me. Unless we are able to truly see another we can never really know their hunger for just wanting to be.  We are the creatures who crawled upon our bellies salvaging for the scraps  that those who above us born with wings that  only know half the story leaving us to  fed upon their glory…when we go away we don’t die we are cocooned  to accept the  beauty of our new existence, Without sound we know where we belong but without voice we don’t have a song

do we die for nothing…

what is it in our remembrance that reminds us to forget with so many trying to remind us is it in our better interest to reflect on a hurtful angry history or how we have overcome better yet how do we claim victory in a battles they create:  do  we die for something, do we die for nothing or do we turn and run or do we pretend that we belong mimic his actions so closely that we believe that we are one  and all who are not have not proven themselves worthy to lay at his throne pull up them boot straps brotha our time has come except in freedom, equality and justice for everyone …what is it in our remembrance that reminds us to forget?


Guarded Heart

Selena's Guarded heart A guarded heart shall never receive nor give its full love potential,

It defers emotion as a means of protection,
Bound by the lack of honesty and trust,
Weary of the deepest commitments
Afraid to expose what makes it special,
Its surrounded by skepticism and doubt,
Always in search of the next disappointment,
Unable to be forthwith and aloud,
It hides while whispering lies to itself.

A guarded heart will never learn anew,
for it holds fast to what has already past,
difficult to convince that it too deserves to be free,
Free from a contemptuous virtue,
And uninhibited from the untruths,
But yet it remains caged in the house that it weakens so…and it hides, While whispering lies to itself.

A guarded heart wants desperately to love,
To give, receive, and commit to what feels right,
It believes in true love but knows pain oh too well,
Misguided by hearts that before weren’t genuine,
The guarded heart is confused and lonesome,
It longs for a partner to prove its faithfulness,
Alas, it hides still, whispering lies to itself.

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