Reasons Rebels Ran’t: Which(Witch) Doctors?

i think they all have just resorted to guessing, no more testing they just ask you for the symptoms while spinning the pharmaceutical wheel of (making them) fortunes, playing an intricate game of try these pills next and so long as your insurance can cover the spread they keep rolling the dice on your life but what they fail to tell you is that those dice are loaded in their favor and even if they crap out they still wont lose. Its a game as old as time bet on both sides and you always win and just like all bookies, dealers, doctors, healers, and false teachers they are all but middlemen for the truly corrupt of this land and their sole mission is to deal, doctor, bandage and proctor but mostly make sure that their there when you are in need…Beware the Witch(which) Doctors.

of that which i had cursed…

how do i please thee

so easily blue

so quick to eruption

yet painfully true

her heart bares a silence

that is soulfully new

creatively mischief

how did i become the fool

fought so long to find favor

what i found was a friend

one to laugh at all my anger

not as mockery

but to show the hypocrisy

of that which i had cursed

for in my misery

she would cling to me

while convincing me

of my worth

so i thank her with my verse

and as a poet that is my death

all the flesh and blood that I have left…

I Thank You

I Challenge You to Haiku

PicsOfMe2014-2-30The things that seem the most simplistic are often the things that require the most attention to get right. Take for instance the Haiku poem 3 lines 17 syllables and they don’t even have to rhyme simple right?, wrong you better get those fingers ready because you are going to find it is much easier to Rebel Rant than to make sense in 5, 7 and 5 syllables. Join me in this challenge to push the Haiku to its limits and open channels of dialogue that can bridge the communication gaps that are growing ever wider as we retreat into our own misunderstandings which is no more than our natural defenses reacting to a world that we used to know. Below find my humble offering as a Poetic Challenge(PC) and i await your humble replies.

Searching for answers
only finding their questions
has life been reversed

Join me in The Haiku Challenge share your love of poetic art forms from worlds all over, austerity, humanity,anarchy, beauty, celebrity and what connects us most sexuality that is the beauty of the Haiku as long as you remain within the stanza’s parameter then you are  Hai-kool. I have included an official definition below for those who are new to the art form all are welcome please invite a friend. I would like to hear from anyone who truly hears this…


noun: haiku; plural noun: haikus; plural noun: haiku
  1. a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five, traditionally evoking images of the natural world.

Excerpt from: Curse of the Chameleon

He was someone that was familiar. Not to say that I was in anyway innocent at the time but you never think something like this would happen with someone whom you feel safe. He was someone I could trust or so I thought I could trust but he wasn’t, he was so much more ugly and angry, he stole from me he took shit that you can never get back he hated me when I thought him a loved one. What hurt most is that my tears didn’t matter to him the more I cried the more that sick twisted grin seemed to grow. I died a little that day and that part of me will never know life again. I hate remembering this I hate that I was so defenseless I hate that I never found the courage to tell anyone until I met Jettson. Continue reading

Now u

Haiku Haven


Ever Evolving
the creature bound by habit
makes the same mistakes
Haiku4u 🙂


there is travesty
in a system that tells lies
but who are the fools
Haiku4u 🙂

I thirst for knowledge
only quenched by getting more
Drink your fill of it
Haiku4u 🙂


We quiet our minds
Get in touch with energy
Grow wiser with time

Is no match for the strength of

midday interplay
Racing to see who will win
I win once again

Haiku 4u 🙂