of that which i had cursed…

how do i please thee

so easily blue

so quick to eruption

yet painfully true

her heart bares a silence

that is soulfully new

creatively mischief

how did i become the fool

fought so long to find favor

what i found was a friend

one to laugh at all my anger

not as mockery

but to show the hypocrisy

of that which i had cursed

for in my misery

she would cling to me

while convincing me

of my worth

so i thank her with my verse

and as a poet that is my death

all the flesh and blood that I have left…

I Thank You

As we wonder back in time

Remembering the moment when our eyes met, our souls touched we kissed in each others silence for the very first time neither of us knowing that this would be the bliss that we all but missed our first times around. As we wonder back in time broken hour glass sublime trampled tulips spring to mind as our hearts begin to find space to regenerate and combine beating rhythmically through time…if only i would have said hello

do we die for nothing…

what is it in our remembrance that reminds us to forget with so many trying to remind us is it in our better interest to reflect on a hurtful angry history or how we have overcome better yet how do we claim victory in a battles they create:  do  we die for something, do we die for nothing or do we turn and run or do we pretend that we belong mimic his actions so closely that we believe that we are one  and all who are not have not proven themselves worthy to lay at his throne pull up them boot straps brotha our time has come except in freedom, equality and justice for everyone …what is it in our remembrance that reminds us to forget?


Waterfalls: Swallow Falls State Park By Amari Nilsen, Shania Maxwell

Waterfall CoverWaterfalls: Swallow Falls State Park

Support Author Button-sm Planes aren’t the only way to get away…as far as day trips go get yourself out to Swallow Falls State Park in Oakland Md…I know I never heard of it either until now but what was even more crazy was we had to travel through Accident, MD to get there, its about 3 1/2 hours journey from DC but it is well worth the trip… The scenery is breathtaking and no there were no black bear sightings and the only actual wildlife that we got to see were a few red-tailed squirrels and a black snake that may or may not have scared a scream & scurry out of me but i will neither confirm nor deny these accusations. Come to my Blog to see more pics of one of Maryland’s hidden treasures and follow me on my many journeys to see the world. http://www.travellightbox.com, Tips and Advice for the chic, unique and creative traveler don’t forget to subscribe and tell a friend.

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