Youth vs. Life

Who remembers when an L was an L you know a LIFE LESSON not your LEGACY…Sure there are things that you will never LIVE DOWN and many that you wish that you could have never LIVED THREW but those are the things that make you who you are right now. Compassion. empathy and understanding seems to have no meaning in the life of some youth these days, why is shit so finite for these youngsters why is LIVING and LIFE seen so casual?..I remember back in the day SLAP BOXING and BODY PUNCHING kept a nigga tight but never did it cross my mind that I was preparing myself to take ANOTHER’S LIFE, Don’t get me wrong I mean I barbecued many a BROTHER’S RIBS but that was about facing a challenge, seeing it through and fighting to the end. I was suspended behind that shit not because we was beefin but the rules were never quit if the other is still breathing so I understand RESPECT but can SOMEONE, ANYONE please explain to me what these yougsters are thinking when they say I’LL shoot first TAKE THE LIFE OF ANOTHER and then I’LL think about it for the rest of MY life in prison…………….I’LL WAIT!!!

And so it goes…I Rant

As i wonder back to my peaceful place I am greeted by a Michael Franks understanding but what she doesn’t know is there really is no reason really is no reason why that I have chosen this place to place my understanding in this time and space make no mistakes we are the directors of our own destiny and as we choose right or wrong we seek to belong weather it be the popular opinion or our own understanding we make a choice and in this choosing we find consequence and in this consequence we find ourselves choosing yet again the only thing that stops this vicious cycle is our stopping of this vicious cycle we should stop assuming that all things have answers this is a primitive mind state questions arise because minds exist if all was answered then what would be our worth we are here given consciousness so that we may answer all questions of time but in our arrogance we took that to mean that it is our mission to make sure that we resolve all questions of time be it to our gain or detriment and ass we watch in horror we see that there those who has lost control and many things that time could have resolved are being fast-tracked and contributing to our demise.

40 Day Raw Food Cleanse – Day 13

Things I have learned on my Raw Food Cleanse Journey:

*It is vital  to have a support system because temptation lies around every corner.

Early Morning Poem

SugerloafMt882015-54I must rise to great the challenge of each day

I must face head on any obstacle placed in my way

I must be forever mindful of the temptation that can lead me astray

for these and all blessing this morning I pray

This is the prayer that I use to rise each morning and while it gets me going and reminds me of the things necessary to get me through this 40 Day Raw Food Cleanse it is not enough. A key component to my current success on this journey has been my support system.

SugerloafMt882015-23Selena has embarked upon this journey of wellness with me and it has made all of the difference. Most people don’t realize the planning and preparation involved in making the transition to a raw foods diet, but it is made much simpler with support. So do yourself a favor before you decide to go raw find someone or a network of someone’s to provide you with the support that you will need.

GO RAW OR GO HOME!!! Be Well All and have a great day

Day8Meals-19It is the morning of the 13th day and I have just downed 1 quart of room temperature water with lime and I am about to break my fast(Breakfast) with a fruit smoothing consisting of:


  • Spinach
  • Pineapple
  • Bananas
  • Cantaloupe
  • Flax Seed
  • Chia Seed
  • Coconut Water