40 Day Raw Food Cleanse – Day 20

Things I have learned on my Raw Food Cleanse Journey
*The key to success is reprogramming your body to know the difference between wants and needs.

GreatFallsPics (2 of 2)Cravings are real people they will have you up at night looking for that favorite snack in the fringe. One of the first things you have to do to ensure success with the 40 Day Raw Food Cleanse is rid your kitchen of those comfort foods. We must realize that food is for the nourishment of the body and that it tastes good is merely a bonus. We seem to have that whole thing turned around, we seek food for taste and care not what it is doing to our bodies. This paradigm has programmed our minds and blurred the lines between what our body wants and what it needs. We have the power to shift this paradigm and reshape our thought patterns so that we make food choices that are good to us and good for us. I am half way through my 40 day journey and the benefits that I have already received have been tremendous.

GO RAW OR GO HOME!!! Be Well All and have a great day
It is the morning of the 20th day(Halfway Point) and I have just downed 1 quart of room temperature water with lime and I am about to break my fast(Breakfast) with a fruit smoothing consisting of:
• Spinach
• Collards
• Bananas
• Black Berries
• Strawberries
• Raspberries
• Flax Seed
• Chia Seed
• Cayenne
• Coconut Water

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