Main About PicHave you ever wanted to scream so loud that the sound would shatter every eardrum within 27 miles or awakened from a dream so close to what reality seems that you spent your entire waking day reflecting and writing every nuance of the experience? Have you ever seen or taken a photograph that is so welcoming that you experience a moment of déjà vu and you can no longer remember not being there?

A Poets Suppose is a safe haven for those who crave creative expression and its many disguises. A creative mind think-tank to share ideas, visions, philosophies and dreams that fosters new ways of looking at the issues that plague our existence.

Please feel free to join in on any subject/discussion but we ask that you be mindful that this is not intended to be a forum for vulgarity, hate speech or dogmatic fanaticism and any comments deemed inappropriate will be removed and the and the users subscription can be revoked.

With that said welcome to a Poets Suppose come with me and let’s explore the creative reaches of our minds and show the world that creatively we can change the world.