Guarded Heart

Selena's Guarded heart A guarded heart shall never receive nor give its full love potential,

It defers emotion as a means of protection,
Bound by the lack of honesty and trust,
Weary of the deepest commitments
Afraid to expose what makes it special,
Its surrounded by skepticism and doubt,
Always in search of the next disappointment,
Unable to be forthwith and aloud,
It hides while whispering lies to itself.

A guarded heart will never learn anew,
for it holds fast to what has already past,
difficult to convince that it too deserves to be free,
Free from a contemptuous virtue,
And uninhibited from the untruths,
But yet it remains caged in the house that it weakens so…and it hides, While whispering lies to itself.

A guarded heart wants desperately to love,
To give, receive, and commit to what feels right,
It believes in true love but knows pain oh too well,
Misguided by hearts that before weren’t genuine,
The guarded heart is confused and lonesome,
It longs for a partner to prove its faithfulness,
Alas, it hides still, whispering lies to itself.

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One thought on “Guarded Heart

  1. So much sadness in this writing; so much pain revealed. Yet, I detect that despite the depth of loneliness, this sad soul continues to search for love within others when there’s lack of search for happiness within ones self. At the end of the day, always be willing to accept who you are…even if you don’t care for what you discover within…excellent piece:-)


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