My Valentine Recap: What Have We Learned?

ProfilePic1Tonight’s the night when we all collectively decide to make love. It isn’t that we need a reason to but tonight especially war, hatred and all the angry things that await us as we awake tomorrow and especially Monday morning doesn’t matter not tonight, because tonight we love, we share, we show that all true life possibilities can become even if the world outside is cold and dark inside we are finding reasons to believe again we are making memories happen and some of us are making babies. What is the birth date/rate range of those conceived on valentines day.  Yall mid and late Novembers know what i mean.

Can you even fathom the love energy that is released on this night those little tiny explosions of orgasmic energy’s happening simultaneously  throughout the night over and over its gotta mean more than all the anger we express on a daily.


It’s amazing how so much resources and money are poured into finding why we rage when this energy could be so much better resourced into why we love. If we sought a love serum as diligently as we tried to stop people from raging then we would be at least moving in a better direction.

Trust me when I say I love the art of learning and one of my most recent endeavors involved support and resistance and how these concepts  make so much more sense when we see how the world is interconnected and how panic on any level can cause shifts in understandings and the way people play with money…it isn’t funny but it is starting to make sense and i am not sure if that is a good or bad thing but for whatever it is worth keep trying your mind cuz i myself am still educationally guessing trying to find a reason to stop.

 How are the factors that rise violence during stress-filled so called holidays change on Valentines when most peoples minds are on Sex, Love and getting more of it…a question to ask?


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