My Frugal Valentine: Cook For Her

ProfilePic1Let’s face it fellas this is one holiday that is definitely not for us. If you are like me and don’t really get caught up in the commercialization of Valentine’s Day but happen to be dating someone who does (namely almost every woman in America…lol) then here are a few tips that will allow you to stay true to your conviction, save you a little money and most importantly get you some well-deserved snuggle with your lady. For the next few days leading up to the big day Saturday, I will be posting some tips that will get you through this Valentine’s days in style earning you major cool points and some serious between the sheets time.
Cook For Her
Of course every restaurant in America will be crowded on February 14th, especially since it falls on a Saturday this year, but If you are like me and know your way around a kitchen find out what one of her favorite dishes are and prepare that for her. It doesn’t have to be super fancy unless you possess the skills to make that happen just put your heart into it. Of course light the candles turn on the smooth jazz or whatever music sets the mood for you two and just enjoy each others company.
Now for culinary challenged brothers you have a few options the first option is to get a trusted third party to pre prepare a meal that you can reheat in the oven and present as though you made it. (A word of caution no matter how well an Ex can cook it’s never a good idea to have her perform the pre prepared meal.)
If this option does not work for you then the second option is to order carry out from one of her favorite restaurants and have the table already set when she arrives this way she won’t know where the meal came from. Last but certainly not least is dessert you must have something sweet and delicious after the meal find out what her favorite is and make it happen, but don’t overdo it save some of those sweet treats for the evening festivities.
Side-note: if you are dating her then she knows that you cannot cook and won’t for a minute believe that you actually prepared these meals but not to worry she will still be flattered by your efforts and unless you do something incredibly stupid during dinner then you should be generously rewarded by the end of the night.

Check back tomorrow for Tip #2: My Creative Valentine: Recite Her Poetry

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