More than they care to share…

Maybe she is a fool

or maybe she knows

more than she cares

to share but

what she does know

for certain

is that he has

something special

and would never rise

to full potential

dragging her in tow

because like her

he is a healer

and fixed souls

don’t need saving

she may be miserable

for the rest

of her life

and maybe

she deserves that

but not him…


Maybe he is a fool

or maybe he knows

more than he cares

to share but

what he does know

for certain

is that she has

something special

and would never rise

to full potential

dragging him in tow

because like him

she is a healer

and fixed souls

don’t need saving

he may be miserable

for the rest

of his life

and maybe

he deserves that

but not her…

Now u

My Valentine Recap: What Have We Learned?

ProfilePic1Tonight’s the night when we all collectively decide to make love. It isn’t that we need a reason to but tonight especially war, hatred and all the angry things that await us as we awake tomorrow and especially Monday morning doesn’t matter not tonight, because tonight we love, we share, we show that all true life possibilities can become even if the world outside is cold and dark inside we are finding reasons to believe again we are making memories happen and some of us are making babies. What is the birth date/rate range of those conceived on valentines day.  Yall mid and late Novembers know what i mean.

Can you even fathom the love energy that is released on this night those little tiny explosions of orgasmic energy’s happening simultaneously  throughout the night over and over its gotta mean more than all the anger we express on a daily.


It’s amazing how so much resources and money are poured into finding why we rage when this energy could be so much better resourced into why we love. If we sought a love serum as diligently as we tried to stop people from raging then we would be at least moving in a better direction.

Trust me when I say I love the art of learning and one of my most recent endeavors involved support and resistance and how these concepts  make so much more sense when we see how the world is interconnected and how panic on any level can cause shifts in understandings and the way people play with money…it isn’t funny but it is starting to make sense and i am not sure if that is a good or bad thing but for whatever it is worth keep trying your mind cuz i myself am still educationally guessing trying to find a reason to stop.

 How are the factors that rise violence during stress-filled so called holidays change on Valentines when most peoples minds are on Sex, Love and getting more of it…a question to ask?



My Creative Valentine: Recite Her Poetry

ProfilePic1Yesterday I shared a few tips on wooing your beau in a nontraditional manner this Valentine’s Day by cooking for her. This is not only a major money saver but you will earn major cool points which translates to major snuggle points for the evening festivities. So you have wined her and dined her but the night is still young, how can you top off that amazing meal? Sure you can go traditional and break out the flowers, balloons and box candies but you have done that for last several years. Try something new, something bold since you have already fed her body try something for the mind and the soul.

Recite Her Poetry

In the spirit of the first article I would like to start by saying that I know that most men are not poetically inclined, lyrically gifted or wordsmiths by indoctrination except when it comes to spitting the gift of gab that got her in the first place. So harken back to a time, the first time you saw her in that way, you know what i mean and remember that courage that you had to muster but once those words started to flow you knew you had her. This is what poetry is about remember those special moments and finding words to match the rhythm that it creates in your mind. Try to stay away from the old stuff that has been used far too many times: “roses are red and violets are blue” died in elementary school. Find out the things that she is passionate about and you will find a poem that speaks to this feeling. If she has a favorite poet, create a compilation of their works and read to her while playing her favorite tunes softly in the background. If you are having trouble finding something that speaks to the moment feel free to borrow from Nightwind Serenade I am sure you will find something to set the mood just right.

*Side note: Remember the dessert from dinner that I urged you to save some of in yesterday’s article, this would be a great time to couple that with a complimentary wine.

In this next step you may have to be a bit persuasive. Now you should insist that it is her turn to recite a poem. If she has a favorite great let her express it with all the emotion that she has to offer and if it is her own then that is all the more reason for you to embrace the moment. However, if neither of you are poets then go with one of the classics have her recite Maya Angelou’s Still I Rise, a strong woman empowerment poem is a natural aphrodisiac. As she speaks feel how she relates to the words and how her voice inflection and her body movement affects you in ways that they never have before. Let’s face it the only other time you will get this type of emotion is in an argument but that is another subject for another article it is now time to move into phase three.

Sensual Poetry

Now it is time for the sensual poetry. Ease into it something subtle first, seemingly off topic but will purposely set the perfect mood to move into a more sexually charged evening. It is important to keep your cool in this stage because this is when you bring it home poetically, sensually and sexually. Let’s keep it real this evening is goal oriented and while we love the dance and foreplay we are focused on completing the mission.  You wanna start slow, maybe pour another glass of wine and let her know you have a few more poems that you would like her to hear for discussion.  Might I suggest one of the many short sensual pieces from Deep Sexy Blue such as the one entitled:


Hungry with


I await my lovers kiss

like the wet

that will drench my lips

when I sample

her sacred seas,

pierce those perfect hips

and leave my love

inside her mind…

It is important that the poem is short and not too heavily weighted with things to contemplate. It should be mission focused and clearly comprehended so her attention remains on you and how she is going to reward you for these new sides of you that you have shown. You two will find a new appreciation for one another and by the way this doesn’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day. Good food, good music, and good poetry is good for each and every night of the week. Share your intellect by finding the rhythm in her that moves your heart and once she becomes that rhythm in your heart the words will come easily.

Recap: Just as with the cooking she won’t be concerned that you wrote the poetry because she knows that you don’t write poetry but she will be touched by the energy you expended to make the moment memorable and meaningful. You too will be rewarded with a deeper understanding of your relationship and how new things not only mean change but growth and who knows maybe next year you two will have some of your own poetry to recite to one another as you celebrate Valentine’s Day.

…No one’s born a poet but chosen shorty after they learn life… Stay tuned I will expand on this topic very soon


My Frugal Valentine: Cook For Her

ProfilePic1Let’s face it fellas this is one holiday that is definitely not for us. If you are like me and don’t really get caught up in the commercialization of Valentine’s Day but happen to be dating someone who does (namely almost every woman in America…lol) then here are a few tips that will allow you to stay true to your conviction, save you a little money and most importantly get you some well-deserved snuggle with your lady. For the next few days leading up to the big day Saturday, I will be posting some tips that will get you through this Valentine’s days in style earning you major cool points and some serious between the sheets time.
Cook For Her
Of course every restaurant in America will be crowded on February 14th, especially since it falls on a Saturday this year, but If you are like me and know your way around a kitchen find out what one of her favorite dishes are and prepare that for her. It doesn’t have to be super fancy unless you possess the skills to make that happen just put your heart into it. Of course light the candles turn on the smooth jazz or whatever music sets the mood for you two and just enjoy each others company.
Now for culinary challenged brothers you have a few options the first option is to get a trusted third party to pre prepare a meal that you can reheat in the oven and present as though you made it. (A word of caution no matter how well an Ex can cook it’s never a good idea to have her perform the pre prepared meal.)
If this option does not work for you then the second option is to order carry out from one of her favorite restaurants and have the table already set when she arrives this way she won’t know where the meal came from. Last but certainly not least is dessert you must have something sweet and delicious after the meal find out what her favorite is and make it happen, but don’t overdo it save some of those sweet treats for the evening festivities.
Side-note: if you are dating her then she knows that you cannot cook and won’t for a minute believe that you actually prepared these meals but not to worry she will still be flattered by your efforts and unless you do something incredibly stupid during dinner then you should be generously rewarded by the end of the night.

Check back tomorrow for Tip #2: My Creative Valentine: Recite Her Poetry

I Challenge You to Haiku

PicsOfMe2014-2-30The things that seem the most simplistic are often the things that require the most attention to get right. Take for instance the Haiku poem 3 lines 17 syllables and they don’t even have to rhyme simple right?, wrong you better get those fingers ready because you are going to find it is much easier to Rebel Rant than to make sense in 5, 7 and 5 syllables. Join me in this challenge to push the Haiku to its limits and open channels of dialogue that can bridge the communication gaps that are growing ever wider as we retreat into our own misunderstandings which is no more than our natural defenses reacting to a world that we used to know. Below find my humble offering as a Poetic Challenge(PC) and i await your humble replies.

Searching for answers
only finding their questions
has life been reversed

Join me in The Haiku Challenge share your love of poetic art forms from worlds all over, austerity, humanity,anarchy, beauty, celebrity and what connects us most sexuality that is the beauty of the Haiku as long as you remain within the stanza’s parameter then you are  Hai-kool. I have included an official definition below for those who are new to the art form all are welcome please invite a friend. I would like to hear from anyone who truly hears this…


noun: haiku; plural noun: haikus; plural noun: haiku
  1. a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five, traditionally evoking images of the natural world.

Why Poets Suppose: An Existence of Resistance

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA…Sipping from my soul trying to grab whole of that last lil bit of me, not the one that happens everyday and they pretend to see but the real he that knows of his journeys foe; an existence of resistance.  I’m often reminded of the words of the Wise Lion: You’re running and you’re running and you’re running away but you can’t run away from yourself.  Stealing silence by stealth, my demons hide in plain sight only revealing themselves by the light of the dark night leaving me to piece together the sorted dreams…how real they seem.

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