Digi-Collage: A collection of works by Thurman A. Williams

ArtWork031misc-8ArtWork003© Thurman A. Williams

I hope that my creativity does not offend anyone in that I only wish to share the thoughts that cross my mind.  In so much as I have fought my fears and toiled over the validity of some of the thoughts that have entered, I can say with clarity that I stand by my understandings.  Just as the flowing river presses on changing landscapes as it forges forever forward; I too know that my knowledge may change and with each change I hope to grow in the understanding of how our collective histories have created the reality that we see today and it is our willingness to sweep these beautifully ugly things under the rug that has led us here.  I embrace the past as I look forward to the future but what I recall when asked what I remember about yesterday I say: “Why do people pretend like it never was…”

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