Excerpt from: Curse of the Chameleon

He was someone that was familiar. Not to say that I was in anyway innocent at the time but you never think something like this would happen with someone whom you feel safe. He was someone I could trust or so I thought I could trust but he wasn’t, he was so much more ugly and angry, he stole from me he took shit that you can never get back he hated me when I thought him a loved one. What hurt most is that my tears didn’t matter to him the more I cried the more that sick twisted grin seemed to grow. I died a little that day and that part of me will never know life again. I hate remembering this I hate that I was so defenseless I hate that I never found the courage to tell anyone until I met Jettson. You know most guys don’t care they look at us like we are crazy because our guards are so high they look at us like some melodramatic things that needs to get it together. I get it! Men are not programmed to be these hypersensitive man-droids that want to go shoe shopping and talk about Sex in the City and their feelings. But you have to know Jettson to know that he would go out of his way to know your most intimate thoughts whatever they were. It was as though he wanted to know your darkest secrets because he could somehow absorb them and take them away by making them his. “Tell me something I don’t know about you?” he would say with such innocence but you knew there was something more in the question because his eyes would ask another, “who had hurt you”, He wouldn’t but his demanded that you reveal your deepest secrets. He asked me what I thought about things and really wanted to know what I cared about. He asked the most bizarre questions but they somehow allowed me to trust and open up to him in a way that I never had or ever will again. Jettson told me his secrets too he told me how he lost his virginity at the tender age of 9 to his 14 year old babysitter that threatened to tell his parents that he had broken a neighbors window if he didn’t pull out his pee-pee. He loves jazz, photography, art and what’s even more beautiful is that he cooks for me. Trust me there is nothing more attractive than a sexy man except a sexy man butt naked cooking wearing only an apron. I wish I was able to understand what type of things went on in his mind but I’m sure it would give me a headache. I used to look at him sometimes, lost in his eye’s I would try and imagine him as my hero back then. I knew Jettson would have saved me somehow. I know and believe now that if he could go back in time and change the rage he would. He would kill my uncle before he was able to kill that part of me. I can’t imagine that he knows how he has changed my life but I do know that I am a different person because of Jettson Majors. I realize that I am not that worthless piece of nothingness that I used to see whenever I found the courage to look in the mirror. He helped me lift my head again. He showed me that my beauty was no curse and that I should be proud of it. Many people have said that to me before I believed Jettson. We weren’t always this close in fact I remember when we first met…to be continued (Excerpt from: Curse of the Chameleon)

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