Reasons Rebels Rant II

PicsOfMe2014-2-28…nobody wants to know
the meaning of the flow
the echoence of silence
forever present in the afterglow
the matrix of this sacred hatred that lives below way down deep far beneath the traders rage in the dark murky pits where we commit senseless acts of mind suicide under those places where we store pride and envy and where we long to be anything other than the conceded reflection of the mirrors enemy release the beast and find peace increase the space between what`s allowable in dreams and that which remains to be seen optical illusions in 3D can truth be trusted or are there rules only revealed in certain clusters secret science equals defiance in the absolute nature of numerology and numero uno neutron is no more than the tiniest needle in this galactic haystack of harmony hoping to again soon be in tune…

One thought on “Reasons Rebels Rant II

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