Blissful Misery(Novel) & Mahogany Silent(Poetry)

Bliss4Web1Blissful Misery: Jettson’s Psalm

by Thurman A. Williams(Novel)

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Fact based fiction is the best way to describe the debut novel by Thurman A. Williams; thought provoking, poetically driven prose that delves into the male psyche and reveals the secrets of a soul longing for love. Jettson Majors, an affluent African American male, takes you on a journey through the sorted escapades of his steamy past; revealing truths that even he was not prepared to reveal.

Blissful Misery: Jettson’s Psalm Book Release Party 2010

MahSilMindofMajorsMahogany Silent: the Mind of Jettson Majors

by Thurman A. Williams(Poetry)

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A collection of poems written through the eyes of Jettson Majors, the main character from Authors Thurman A. Williams first novel: Blissful Misery: Jettson’s Psalm. The poems provide a deeper insight into the man that Jettson was and they may answer some lingering questions that have been asked about his questionable fate.


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