Urbancentric Art Photography by Thurman A. Williams

UAPnoWEBCreative are we those who would stare at a blank canvas with contempt, unable to leave the space until we at the very least drew a line but then that line brings forth the notion on colored lines and maybe circles or others shapes placed just so creating dimensions that open the mind to even more possibilities and imaginings. most of these works started as failed photographs or ‘pictures imitating art’ as i like to call them. Instead of deleting them I decided to use them to work on my editing skills in Adobe Photoshop Elements at first and then Adobe Photoshop later. these creativity enhancers are amazing when you are on a mission and you know the outcome of which you seek but to harness this power when it is just you and you creative mind in search of something not yet seen its magical and the possibilities become endless…okay i will climb down off my high horse or soup box or if you belong to a younger generation i will alloy my thirst to be quench right now…these were born of bad pictures never delete a bad photo it may become a thing of beauty…

PNGallery1Weight of the World Surface Dweller Rockland Way Great Escape Glow Flower 5 Moons Of Kluidguay B0001688 Center of Silence Never Forget Afro-collage SuttleThoughts Redrum 2guns Rise o fthe Talon Abstractions No More Metamorphesis Liquid Libation Intertwine Heliumtrust Flame On Fire Dragoness Diamond Ice Blue Aluminum Center of Sound Bling Black IceYoga for the Mind Thoughts of old Poets Pain Art

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