Nightwind Serenade By Thurman A. Williams

Nightwind Serenade CoverNightwind Serende

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Nightwind Serenade is dedicated to anyone who has ever attempted to love another. This book is for anyone who has allowed their heart to be punctured by the piercing arrow of Cupid’s rage. If you’re a hopeless sort of romantic that needs to be pinched to awaken from the grip of a lover’s illusion; you are not alone. If you find yourself wishing on quiet nights, that someone will appear and put an end to your loneliness? If you find that no one understands love quite like you do then “Nightwind Serenade” has come.

Lost Love
The silent wings
of a butterfly
the conceptual radiance
of a moonlit sky
the gentle flow
of a
morning stream
how brilliant the light
which love brings
The gentle beat
of a
innocent heart
the restless longing
when we’re apart
the fallen petal
of a
red rose
how do we survive
when love goes?

Put on a collection of your favorite Jazz CD’s or anything that you find easy on your ears. Turn your ringer off and become captured inside this poetic journey of desire, ecstasy and passion.
This love filled voyage takes you to the edge of intimacy, pushes you over but doesn’t let you fall. Lose yourself in the soft breeze of the “Nightwind Serenade” and allow yourself this chance to find and share love.

bb Wind Slow
Baby I could love you
if you allowed me to
i could be your everything
if you just gave me your
we’ll redefine
what love means
as two alone find each other
forget the past
or what tomorrow brings
for we have found a new
place for lovers…
Don’t deny me the pleasure
of what is lustfully mine
and all that I have to you-
shall be gave
Pleasure will take on a
whole new meaning
as pain is replaced by a loving embrace
as the rage of the world
is left outside
every inch of your body-
i will gently taste…
Baby I could love you
if you allowed me to
I could be your everything
just give me your heart

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