Deep Sexy Blue(Poetry) by Thurman A. Williams

Deep Sexy Blue CoverDeep Sexy Blue

by Thurman A. Williams

Deep Sexy Blue” is a compilation of poems that I’ve written over the last 2 years that speak to the many emotional rides that I have embarked upon and lived to share. I purposely and ambiguously named the poems so that the titles are not introductions to the poems but simply synonyms of the triad of emotions that make up the book’s title.

Am I strong enough
Can I continue
to be beat down
yet keep standing up
in the heat of battle
Will I stand or run
in the face
of sudden death
will I overcome
will my shield
be forgotten
once the war is done
or will I return
to find
God’s will is never done

Every shattered
piece of glass
ain’t cause
for cutting
just as every
beam of light
doesn’t become
a beacon for trusting
where low hopes lie
and trees shed leaves
of lonely
is the meeting place
for the seeking among us
it’s hard to see their eyes
and therefore any truth
but in their presence
you know a safety that only
a school yard crossing guard
could provide
with all else set aside
isn’t that where love lies

As he hovers above
admiring the beauty below,
he’s reminded
by a kiss
before entering her soul.
Inside her,
he is weak
but also made whole
and also completed
as this union unfolds.
When two are alone
or two are in love
or two are in tune,
it’s a gift from above
such a magical mystery
are the moments in love.

We will never know
unless we decide to try
what keeps us from try
Ever evolving
the creature bound by habit
makes the same mistakes
Passionate poison
things that we do but regret
what happens after

Deep Sexy Blue (poem) – Animalistic

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