Waterfalls: Swallow Falls State Park By Amari Nilsen, Shania Maxwell

Waterfall CoverWaterfalls: Swallow Falls State Park

Support Author Button-sm Planes aren’t the only way to get away…as far as day trips go get yourself out to Swallow Falls State Park in Oakland Md…I know I never heard of it either until now but what was even more crazy was we had to travel through Accident, MD to get there, its about 3 1/2 hours journey from DC but it is well worth the trip… The scenery is breathtaking and no there were no black bear sightings and the only actual wildlife that we got to see were a few red-tailed squirrels and a black snake that may or may not have scared a scream & scurry out of me but i will neither confirm nor deny these accusations. Come to my Blog to see more pics of one of Maryland’s hidden treasures and follow me on my many journeys to see the world. http://www.travellightbox.com, Tips and Advice for the chic, unique and creative traveler don’t forget to subscribe and tell a friend.

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