Thoughts of old…

12/11/09, TAW

“I stand looking through an open door afraid to pass through because there are no other doors. What I see on the other side is familiar but not welcoming. It’s as though they won’t take me unless I take their way. Alienated, I reluctantly step through and once on the other side; I find others like me too. So, we forge forward as outcasts pretending that what we truly feel is not real…”

12/12/09 2:06pm, TAW

“I tremble from your touch but I dare not let you see. It’s mostly from remembrance that I imagine you and me and it’s only from the ‘tremblance’ that I embrace this melody of ecstasy; a piece of music composed by a dream.”

02/21/10, TAW

“It’s in the tranquil moonlight where we see our reflection in a pool of yesterday and remember days lost and days gone by and its only a whisper that tells the tales of what used to be…Hawks(UMES) for life forever soaring and exploring!!!!”

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